With a 50" diameter roll set, a maximum speed of 250 mph, and a horsepower measurement rating of 2,000 hp, the MD-1750 is by far the fastest and most powerful dynamometer available in its class. The twin eddy current power absorption feature allows for "steady state" testing at various speed and torque outputs, making the MD-1750 a dynamometer in the truest sense. 

The MD-1750's inertial based testing capability provides a practical and efficient means to gauge vehicle performance. Inertial based performance testing involves accelerating a cylindrical mass with a known inertia at wide-open throttle. In the case of the MD-1750, the immutable inertia encased in a 50" diameter roll, or drum, acts as the road-load mechanism. The rate at which the vehicle is able to accelerate the drum provides insight into the amount of energy transferred from the tires to the surface of the drum. Speed and torque combined produce instantaneous wheel horsepower data. These data are then plotted against time, speed, or distance to produce easy to use graphs. A database keeps track of testing records for future baseline test comparisons.

More advanced testing capabilities are available with Mustang's eddy current power absorption feature. Eddy current power absorption enables the system to test vehicles at variable throttle-positions, speeds, and torque outputs. The torque value read from the load cell is combined with roll-speed picked up magnetically at the roll shaft to calculate the exact force being applied at the vehicle's wheels at any time throughout the test sequence. Unlike friction-type load control "devices" offered by competing manufacturers, our eddy current absorbers and advanced closed-loop computer control system enable the user to carefully control the road load applied to the vehicle under test by increments of horsepower or torque.      Back To Top Of Page

Chassis Dyno Tuning

Custom Dyno Tuning available with SCT or HP Tuners Programming.

All Dyno and Tuning is done by drop off appointments only. Call for current scheduling.

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