Crystal Royal's 2007 Mustang GT
Customers Ride
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Danny Dales rocks out in his Delk Performance sponsored Notchback. Notice the Vettes and Porsches behind him!
2007 Shelby GT 
owned by Tony Thompson
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Hellion Turbo on bone stock engine. 453 rwhp and 523 rwtrq.
 2007 Roush Supercharged GT Convertible.  
Michael Waller's
 2008 Jeep Cherokee SRT8. 
 Tuned by Delk Performance
370 rwhp and 374 rwtrq. Completely  stock.t.
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Thomas' Cobra
Custom Delk Cams, Whipple 3.4 Supercharger and More!

Tuned by Delk Performance
717 RWHP  727 RWTQ
Bill's 2003 Cobra
Custom Delk Cams, Kenne Bell Supercharger, Custom Delk Fuel System & More

Tuned by Delk Performance
759 RWHP  684 RWTQ
Check back for big changes to come for this Cobra